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The Virginia Foundation for Educational Leadership (VFEL) was founded in 1995 to link all education levels – preschool, elementary, middle, high school, and higher education – through a seamless system of leadership learning. The nonprofit organization addresses current research and best practices in leadership, examines and assimilates strategies that further school improvement, and seeks to improve articulation among school leaders from preschool through higher education.  The Foundation collaborates with partners at state and national levels to support its educational, scientific, and charitable endeavors.  Consistent and active engagement by Foundation officers, Board of Trustees, and VFEL faculty members ensures high quality professional development activities and advocacy efforts based on current theory and practice.



The services of the Virginia Foundation for Educational Leadership (VFEL) support and reinforce a comprehensive seamless system of leadership learning for school leaders involved at the pre-Kindergarten to post-graduate levels. Professional development activities are provided that strengthen knowledge and abilities with school improvement efforts and empower school leaders to move their schools successfully through the change process. The age of accountability demands that principals and school leaders be more than managers; instead, they must be leaders of instruction, of change, and of continuous improvement. With that in mind, VFEL serves as an advocate as part of its commitment to build strong, effective principals and school leaders who drive education improvement using innovative and productive practices.

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Virginia Foundation for Educational Leadership

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News & Publications

The Virginia Model for School ImprovementProfiles and Common Themes


Written by Dr. Roger E. Jones and Dr. Gregory A. Wheeler

National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) Executive Development Program and Virginia's Principal of Distinction (Level II) Administration and Supervision Endorsement

Presented toVirginia Board of Education by Virginia Foundation for Educational Leadership (VFEL)

Mentoring & Coaching: Training Resource Manual


Developed in collaboration with VFEL, Office of
School Improvement of the VDOE, VASSP and NASSP

The Virginia Foundation for Educational Leadership, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, accepts donations to further its efforts in providing high quality, relevant, and research-based educational learning opportunities for school leaders. 


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As the Director of High School Education in Henrico County, I have found NISL to be of significant value. The information that is shared in the classes is needed for all principals on all levels and in all divisions. NISL has afforded me the opportunity to further mentor and guide administrators in all areas. Additionally, the program has stretched me as an administrator and a leader and I am able to incorporate a plethora of strategies and techniques into the many methods I presently use when working with administrators to build leadership capacity. NISL is a game changer and I highly recommend this program for all principals. Thank you for making the difference.


Omega Wilson, Ed.D. (Cohort II)

Director of High School Education

Henrico Division

What I value most about NISL training is that it directly relates to student achievement, best practices and research. I come away from each session both energized and exhausted as the trainers push you to think more reflectively and intentionally about the work you engage in every day as an instructional leader. NISL training is providing me with the tools, strategies, and support to be a highly effective leader.


Amy McCurdy (Cohort II)

Principal, Prince Edward Elementary School

Prince Edward Division

The collaboration between VFEL and NISL both inspires – and compels – practitioners to help lead the urgent reforms needed in how we educate young people in the Commonwealth and across our nation. As we seek to remain competitive on a global stage and in the world marketplace of the 21st century, our dedication to fostering deep, critical thinking and meaningful collaboration among our students remains imperative. My work with the Foundation has challenged me to aim higher, reflect more thoroughly, and think more creatively than ever before.


Brian Matney, Ph.D. (Cohort I)

Principal, Landstown High School and

Governor's STEM Academy

Virginia Beach Division

The development of leadership skills for our entire team was enhanced by both the curriculum development by the long-term association with the same cohort group as they grow and study together. In the fast-paced world of school leadership, it would have been extremely difficult for our leadership team to develop their skills this quickly by any other means. Thank you for your leadership and guidance as this program has developed! 


K. David Smith, Ed.D.

Division Superintendent

Prince Edward Division

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