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Diagnostic Reviews/Consultations

VFEL faculty members work closely with school leaders to develop and implement strong plans for school improvement based on quantitative and qualitative data.   Faculty members provide individualized guidance regarding action steps, such as procedures to conduct effective interviews, classroom visits, focus groups, document reviews, and surveys; process and management of data; and support for leaders through mentoring and coaching.  In addition, activities completed in NISL’s “Executive Development Program” or other professional development activities may be incorporated in developing a robust improvement plan. 


VFEL is able to provide information regarding services provided by outside vendors that have been highly recommended by their work with Virginia schools. These vendors provide a variety of services – such as needs assessments, measures of academic progress, and perception surveys – that can be incorporated in school improvement plans.

Presentation by Dr. Kathleen M. Smith, Director of Office of School Improvement (VDOE), to the Virginia Board of Education (April 2014)

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