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National Institute for School Leadership

The National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) is a division of Criterion Education, LLC, a subsidiary of the not-for-profit National Center on Education and Economy (NCEE).  NISL believes that effective and creative leadership results in greatly improved practice by school leaders and higher achievement for all students.  Drawing on standards from the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) and major associations of principals and administrators, on best leadership training practices from educators in other countries, and on leadership research from the fields of medicine, law, business and the military, NISL designed the “Executive Development Program” (EDP).  The NISL program incorporates best practices from the leading research on adult pedagogy and reflects the importance of job-embedded professional development.  Participants work collaboratively during case studies, simulations, role-playing, and facilitated group discussions.  It is not uncommon that a network of support developed during the training often continues long after the training is complete.


Additional information about NISL and the “Executive Development Program” may be found at


Presentation by Mr. Josh Tucker, Director of Scale Up, to Virginia Board of Education (March 2015).

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