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The Virginia Foundation for Education Leadership (VFEL) is a leadership learning organization that serves as a voice for principals and other school leaders throughout all levels of education, from early childhood through higher education.  The organization actively advocates on behalf of school leaders in the areas of leadership, professional development, and continuous school improvement.  VFEL promotes articulation between all levels and encourages a continuum of leadership learning and communication among educators at all levels: elementary, middle, and high schools and higher education.                                



VFEL was founded with the purpose of linking all education levels – preschool, elementary, middle, high school, and higher education – to create a comprehensive seamless system of leadership learning.  VFEL earnestly pursues its purpose and strategic goals, ranging from knowledge development to policy research to constituency service. The Foundation services are specifically designed to build human capital in strengthening educational leadership.  VFEL embraces its vital role as advocate and voice regarding leadership learning and advanced education for practicing and future school leaders.

Presentation by Dr. Roger Jones, VFEL Faculty, to Virginia Board of Education recommending earning Level II Principal of Distinction upon successful completion of NISL’s “Executive Development Program.” (March 2015)

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